Chapter 2 "Books, Pamphlets, and Printed Sheets" is most relevant for bibliographic description of pattern pamphlets. Depending on your library or institution's policy regarding series, Chapter 25 "Uniform Titles" may also be helpful. And if working with a series that cannot be analyzed (the title is always the same), refer to Chapter 12 "Continuing Resources."


Some MARC fields to keep in mind (with corresponding AACR2R rules in parentheses)

  • 300 (2.5 - Physical Description, particularly 2.5C - Illustrative matter, 2.5D - Dimensions)
Knitters and crocheters appreciate knowing whether the pattern instructions are given in chart or written format (or both). Using 'ills.' in $b is insufficient; please follow up with a Note (below).
  • 100 / 110 and 700 / 710 - Personal or Corporate Names as Main or Added Entry (Chapters 21 and 22 deal with Corporate and Personal names.)
  • 490 / 830 (2.6B - Series Statement)
    • 830 - Uniform Title - creates an added entry for the uniform series title (usually justified by a series statement in 490).
  • 500 - General Note (2.7B1 - Nature, Scope, or Artistic Form)
  • 520 - Summary, Etc. (2.7B17 - Summary) - Summarize the pamphlet by mentioning some of these:
    • number of patterns (if there are not too many to tally)
    • item types (sweaters? socks? a mix?)
    • written or charted instructions? both?
    • sizes and whether they are for women, men, or children

Subject Headings

The best match Library of Congress Subject Headings are Knitting (sh 85072707) and Crocheting (sh 85034198). Some specialty subject headings are available, including Knitted lace (sh 85072705) or Doilies (sh 85038834).

  • Do utilize the Patterns subdivision (sh 85098793)
  • Do apply geographic subdivisions whenever the pattern pamphlet focuses on a specific ethnic style, such as Estonia or Fair Isle, based on the front cover or title page details.
  • Do add subject headings for specific garments, if available, when the pattern collection has a specific theme (e.g. socks).
  • Do NOT use the subject heading Knit goods, as it refers to the end product, not patterns.