front of Regia leaflet
back of Regia leaflet

An examination of this pamphlet should provide the following details:

  • yarn brands Regia and Schachenmayr Nomotta (front)
  • yarn name Bamboo Color (front)
  • titles Kreativ, Regia Bamboo Color keeps its Balance (front)
This might be challenging for someone who has absolutely no knowledge of yarns or sock knitting. 'Kreativ' is printed in all capital letters, which is a big hint as to its importance. Whether cataloging this as a series or as a monograph issue of a series, don't neglect this important detail.
The photographs of the yarn skein clearly show its name. Thus 'Regia Bamboo Color keeps its Balance' could then be regarded as the issue title.
  • publisher or distributor Westminster Fibers (back)
  • publisher or distributor location Nashua, NH
Because of the two yarn names, and the pamphlet focus on this specific yarn, it is likely the yarn company is the publisher, and the address on the back is the distributor.
  • leaflet number No.57 (front)

Additional information not available in sample photographs:

  • 1 sheet, folded (like a brochure)
  • 22 x 9 cm
  • illustrations, mostly black and white photographs
  • written instructions, charts, and tables
  • socks

A possible monograph record for this leaflet could look like:

110 2_ $a Schachenmayr Nomotta.
245 10 $a Kreativ : $b Regia Bamboo Color keeps its balance.
246 34 $a Regia kreativ
260 __ $a [S.l.] : $b Schachenmayr Nomotta ; $a Nashua, N.H. : $b Westminster Fibers [distributor], $c [200?]
300 __ $a 1 folded page : $b ill. (some color) ; $c 22 x 9 cm.
490 1_ $a Regia kreativ ; $v no.57
500 __ Cover title.
520 __ Sock patterns; concise written instructions, sizing charts, stitch charts included.
650 _0 $a Knitting $x Patterns.
650 _0 $a Socks.
830 _0 $a Regia kreativ ; $v no.57.

And if cataloging this as a series, then the record might include:

006 s
245 10 $a Kreativ.
260 __ $b Schachenmayr Nomotta ; $b Westminister Fibers.
300 __ $b ill. (some color) ; $c 22 x 9 cm.
490 1_ $a Regia kreativ
500 __ Title from caption.
520 __ Patterns, mostly socks, using Regia yarn from Schachenmayr Nomotta.
650 _0 $a Knitting $b Patterns $v Periodicals.
650 _0 $a Socks $v Periodicals.
710 1_ $a Schachenmayr Nomotta.