What are pamphlets?

Pamphlets are smaller or shorter than books. They may be:

  • individual sheets
    • (sometimes folded like a brochure)
  • a few pages stapled together
  • booklets of about 10-30 pages, usually with one of these types of bindings:
    • saddle-stitched
    • perfect

They also may be identified as ephemera, grey (or gray) literature, broadsides, or leaflets.

In the knit/crochet community, leaflets are commonly used to describe individual patterns consisting of single sheets or a few pages stapled together, whereas pamphlets or booklets usually refer to pattern collections about 10-30 pages in length.

Important Note: Some pamphlets are issued ISBNs (International Book Serial Numbers). Common publishers or yarn companies that do this include American School of Needlework, Bernat, Leisure Arts, and Patons.